Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Buildings are just Buildings unless...

In 2001, when we opened Malenovice, our training center and hotel here in Czech, we prayed that God would put His hand of blessing on it and use it for His Glory.

We knew then that buildings are just buildings...unless the Spirit of God inhabits them.

Over the past ten years, we have seen God do above and beyond what we even asked for in the lives of literally tens of thousands of people!

Today, as the furniture was going into the cabins (which are an expansion of the ministry at Malenovice), I prayed for the same thing.

May all who pass through these doors experience the love the Christ in some way.


 May all those who work in this kitchen, know the true living water and bread of life.

 May these beds offer not only physical refreshment, but spiritual refreshment as well.

May the cheerful colors in these cabins lead people to know the Creator who made them.

May those who stand on this balcony, lift their eyes to the Savior.

 May there be many conversations about the Lord in this room.

May the there be calm and peace from the Lord, amidst the chaos of life, inside these walls.

 May there be many lives changed by the Gospel in this place.


  1. Wow - those cabins are beautiful! What an amazing expansion to the ministry of Malenovice.

  2. Love the pictures. It makes the cabins look so much more familiar now!