Monday, May 9, 2011

My Dad's Day

Since yesterday I was celebrating my mom for Mother's Day, it's only right that I celebrate my dad today since it's his birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!!

I don't know if he'd want me to tell you how old he is...what I really should be saying is how young he is!

My dad's grandfather and grandmother both immigrated from Czech to the United States back in the late 1800's. My dad is half Czech, and I'm a quarter Czech! Isn't that cool?

I kind of wonder if his grandparents ever stood in this spot by the Charles Bridge in Prague?

Or what it looked like out in the country where they lived over near Plzen and Prague? This is on one of the roads around where we live.

I often think about how cool it is that my family ended up back in my dad's "homeland"...or at least, the homeland of his grandparents. I'm glad my dad gets to come and sit on my bench here in Czech, drink a little coffee, and think about his grandparents!

Hope you're having a great birthday dad! I sure love you!


  1. Wow that is so cool!! Happy Birthday Connie's Dad!!

  2. That was sweet! I like how he is drinking a "little" coffee. hee hee!

  3. Honestly Connie...your dad looks more Czech when he's in pictures there in Czech! I never think of him as being half Czech when here in Oregon...but he fits right in over there! I'm so glad you all had 5 rich weeks together! I wrote him a birthday email tonight after you posted this. Thanks for the reminder!