Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family Nights

Ever since our kids were young, we've had a family night once a week.

Our dear friend, Theresa, suggested it to us when Claire was just 2, and we've been doing it ever since!

We have listened to dad tell Bible stories.

We've made creatures out of vegetables (wish I could find that's a great one!).

Pulled all the mattresses off our beds and made a place in the living room to tumble on.

Built rockets out of huge boxes.

Drawn life size versions of ourselves on big rolls of paper.

Created silly decorations for Christmas.

Decorated gingerbread.

Learned to sing harmony.

Gone on hikes.

Had speech class with dad.

Been out for ice cream.

And prayed for each other, our friends, and for the ministry.

For the past years, once the kids became teenagers, we've had Bible study together too.

Every week is different. No two weeks have ever been the same except...

It's always the highlight of the week!

We had family night last night...with Tyler home! It made this mama very happy!

It was Bible study while eating dinner at a restaurant last night...we talked about faith and what we'd learned at conference last week. Then it was off to see a movie together!

I love family nights!!


  1. I love them too! Definitely remember tumbling on mattresses and making vegetable animals. :D

  2. It's magical .. I mean those family nights ..:)