Sunday, May 8, 2011

So Blessed to be a Mom

I don't usually post on Sundays, but since it's Mother's Day, I wanted to post a few pictures of the kids and I (minus Tyler...sad face! We'll get photos next week when you're home, okay?!) from our time out for lunch this afternoon. It was such a sweet time!

When did Caleb get to be so tall?! And I love this one of Claire and we look related?!

After being at this very cool restaurant, we headed home...and along the way found this beautiful meadow!

There's just something about a scene like this that inspires a "jump shot"! To Claire's credit...she really was jumping, but Dave missed her in the air every time! :) Oh's still a fun photo of the kids and I on Mother's Day!

Thankful for my kids...thankful for my husband!

And so thankful for my own mom who taught me so much about being a mom, and is an amazing mom to this day! Happy Mother's Day to her too!!


  1. OK Claire, let's practice...1, 2, 3 jump...1, 2, 3 jump...1, 2, 3 jump...repeat! Very good. Now we have Claire getting some air!

  2. Haha...oh thanks Uncle Mike! :D I love that picture of you and Dad, Mom! Love the flowers! :)