Monday, May 30, 2011


....for protecting the boys last night when they were on their way home from a hiking trip in Slovakia and nearly slammed into a deer in the middle of the road. Caleb had the quick sense NOT to swerve, rather put on the brakes and actually bumped into the deer before he lumbered off. Whew! So thankful!

...for Claire and Caleb's class trips that started this morning at 6 and 6:30 AM! We were up at 5:30 around here, finishing up with packing. I took them to their respective bus and train and they made it off okay, and to their destinations with no problems...Caleb to Slovakia for white water rafting, and Claire to Prague for sight-seeing.

...for a sweet morning and afternoon at the Stephen's house, getting to help with feeding their precious twin boys. Babies are always amazing...but what a miracle these two are! It's a delight to hold, feed, burp, snuggle, change and swaddle them!

...for a great time with Tyler today before he leaves for his JV internship tomorrow. We had lunch together, did some shopping and talking...and I soaked it all in! Though we may see him here and there, he'll be busy the rest of the summer and we won't have these kinds of times again until Christmas!

...for loads of SUNSHINE!! After a somewhat rainy week-end, it was delightful to wake up to blue sky and sun this morning. I don't take that for granted here!

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