Saturday, October 13, 2012


Tears streamed down our faces yesterday as we watched the closing session of Moody's mission's conference.

Dr. Nyquist, the President of Moody, had given a call to the students. He asked any who have felt called, whether during this week or previously, to giving their lives to cross cultural missions, to come to the front of the auditorium. Pretty standard procedure for a Bible college mission's conference.

But what happened after that was spine tingling...even as I type this I'm having the same feeling!

Hundreds and hundreds of Moody students came forward, streaming down the aisles and filling every inch of space not only in the front, but down the sides of the auditorium, on the platform and up in the balcony. They just kept coming and coming.

I was clicking pictures to capture the moment, but honestly couldn't see anything I was taking because of my tears. It was a profound moment.

And this was all after the last speakers for the conference had talked about the cost of giving your life to the spreading of the Gospel. The dying to self that must happen in order for the life of Christ to come forth.

And yet they came. Signifying to the Lord, to their friends, to their professors, that they are willing to give their lives in order for Christ to be known.

My heart was just about to burst as I thought about those who will know Jesus because of the obedience of these students who came forward yesterday. That truly makes me crazy happy!

Tyler and Caleb had the privilege of leading worship for that last session. My heart was bursting with joy watching them lead their fellow students in worship of the Lord, the One we all love and serve. Truly a joy and privilege to be led by our sons!



  1. Wow...Send shivers down the spine!!!

  2. Oh Connie.....I totally feel your heart and passion in your writing about what happened at Moody yesterday. I so wish I was there with you....but I feel like I am from here as I read what you wrote. And to think that your sons got to be used to help open the hearts of their peers through worship is absolutely incredible! I LOVE all that God is doing in and through and around your precious family! Love you so much, sweet heart friend!