Tuesday, October 9, 2012

She's Eighteen

What a wonderful, special, happy, rich and blessed day it was yesterday. Claire, our youngest, turned 18 while we were here in Chicago!

We spent much of the day at Moody Bible Institute, seeing the school as it's one of the options she is looking at for college next year.

In between meetings with admissions, a tour and classes (the class on linguistics being her favorite!), we got to hang out with some of our most favorite people in the whole world.

So many good memories from the day: Coffee from Tyler who manages the coffee shop on campus, walking downtown Chicago to "Sprinkles" with Lara to buy gluten free red velvet cupcakes for the party, talking with Caleb and Haley in between classes, seeing lots of dear people we know who attend Moody...every last moment truly a treasure.

Though in birthday mode the whole day, the official celebration began in the evening with dinner at the coolest organic sandwich shop, Hannah's Bretzel, downtown Chicago.

Then it was off to Tyler and Lara's apartment up the shoreline of Lake Michigan for the party. My heart was about to burst with joy sharing such a precious evening all together to celebrate Claire's birthday!

Thank you Lord for our family...we are blessed!

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