Saturday, October 6, 2012


Claire and I drove to Krakow last night as she was taking another round of SAT today.

Jacob Hash was also there, along with Laura who brought him.

It was a bit of a sentimental moment to see those two taking this test as they have literally been doing life together since they were born. Jacob was born here in Poland just 19 days after Claire, which was a year after we all had moved here to begin Josiah Venture.

The two of them just have months left here in Europe before they will graduate from high school and go their separate ways to college.

But for today, it was sweet to share yet another memory with he and Laura.

Laura and I spent the four and a half hours at McDonalds while they were taking their test. Can you imagine we had enough to talk about?!

Thankful for the sweetness of shared life together.


  1. I LOVE seeing you all there, doing life together. And then to see you and Laura, both looking deliciously beautiful I might add, brings the biggest smile to my face! I'm so happy you have each other there and could talk for 4 1/2 uninterrupted hours. Your soul, sweet Connie, needed that today! :o)

  2. You know how much I loved this day together and more than that living life together!! I love you!!