Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If It's Tuesday...

"If it's Tuesday...it must be Budapest."

I was just talking on the phone with my brother and that was his response when he asked me about Claire and I told him she was in Budapest today! I know, I know...we never had a senior class trip, especially to someplace like that, did we Mike??!!

Claire met up at the train station in Ostrava this morning with her fourth year (senior) class from BMA to take a six hour trip down to Budapest.

Their home teacher and another teacher from the school are accompanying them the next three days, seeing the sights of Budapest and enjoying some last fun time together before they all start to buckle down and study for the end of the year exams that are already barreling down on them.

Claire plans to keep this smile, for sure in Budapest, but also in the months to come as she gets ready for exams!

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  1. About the closest we came to a "Senior Trip" was our yearly choir trips to destinations as exotic as Spokane and Southern California.

    Your children have grown up traveling so much more than most kids, and with such a wide variety of experiences too!

    Thanks for the mention today...I'm on a roll, first as an asterisk in Claire's Blog post and now the first paragraph of yours!