Thursday, October 18, 2012


During the year we lived in Wheaton for Dave's graduate work, I first met Ellie as a middle-schooler.

Somehow twenty years have passed since then. But during that time it's been absolutely delightful to watch her grow into a beautiful young woman with a precious testimony of God's grace and faithfulness in her life.

Today, that testimony is being deepened and strengthened as she and her family endure one of the most difficult challenges: a child with cancer.

When I read this blog post of hers, my heart just ached..."When a Seizure is a Blessing". It's the first of many blog posts about Chase, their two year old son, who is very unexpectedly battling AT/RT, a rare form of cancer.

This past Sunday I got to see Ellie and her oldest daughter, Darcy, for just a few moments after the evening service at our church in Warrenville, IL. I can't even begin to tell you how sweet it was to share a few moments together, and to see the light of Christ shining out from her pretty face.

What they are enduring is HARD...for sure. But somehow in the midst of it, she radiates faith and trust and belief that God is still good.

As you read this, will you pray for Ellie and her husband, Bob...and for Darcy, Aiden, Chase and Karsten. That God will sustain them through this very difficult trial, that He would bring healing to Chase's body, and that they will be strengthened for the days ahead.

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