Friday, October 5, 2012

Never Easy

 We said goodbye to dear JV teammates today: Nate, Emily and Titus Hughes.

They have faithfully served here for many years...first as singles, and then as a newly married couple these past three years.

They are headed back to the States to follow God's call to church plant there, which we're excited about for them!

Just not excited that it means they'll be gone from here.We will miss them!! They have made an indelible imprint on many lives here in the Czech Republic

But there is always hope that perhaps one day their little guy will come back to his first home.

I got a picture of Dave with Titus just for posterity...on the off chance that someday he'll be back for a visit...or maybe as a summer intern. Or even as a JV missionary...we can always hope for that!

And if he can bet I'm going to post another picture of these two together.

We will miss you Nate, Emily and Titus!!

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