Thursday, October 25, 2012

Change is in the Air

The weather forecast calls for five inches of snow on Saturday. Really??!!

I guess our beautiful Indian summer, which lasted LONG past what it ever has, is almost done.

I took Kaylee up to my favorite spot to walk late this afternoon. I hate to say it, but we drove there. It was too cold and windy (for me...probably not for her!) to walk from our house.

A change is in the air, for sure. In more ways than one.

Being up there made me feel nostalgic for summer. But even more so, for a home filled with kids, husband, laughter, conversation

This has been a quiet week with only our dog and I at home.

I feel the change that it is in the air. I know there will be more days like this in the not so distant future, and I'm not altogether sure how I feel about that yet.

What I do know...I'm glad those days are not here yet! Dave and Claire both come home tomorrow.

They will get warm welcomes from wife and mom!

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