Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Than Just a Board

The image of a board meeting is probably not one that is especially inspiring to anyone. 

That is, unless it's a JV board meeting. Then it's a whole different story!

These board meetings are full of godly men who think, pray, give and are the "keepers", if you will, of Josiah Venture.

Three times a year they gather from all corners of the US, to give their time and hearts to the big picture of JV.

Yesterday they met in Wheaton for yet another board meeting, along with Dave and others who are on the board that live over here in Europe.

I just got off the phone with Dave (who is sitting in an airport in Charlotte, NC waiting for a flight to Birmingham, AL!) who called to tell  me about the meeting. He always gets so excited about time with these men and the things they discuss, think about, pray for, analyze and give input on! They are more than just a board - they are men who deeply care about JV and our part of building God's Kingdom.

He said it was another awesome day with them and those from our team.

For our JV family, it was also the time when they gave Theresa her birthday gift from all of us...your words that I captured in a book with photos of you all (sure glad you all have FB and that I can download photos of you from there!). She wrote me this morning to say how much your words meant to her. Thank you for making that gift possible.

It's been almost nineteen years since we started Josiah Venture. What an incredible blessing it is to be a part of such a wonderful family!

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