Monday, October 15, 2012

Goodbye for Now

After a fabulous week-end spent with our family, the inevitable arrived.

A quick trip to the train station in Winfield to send them back downtown to Moody where they all are studying.

Though Caleb will be home at Christmas, we won't see Tyler and Lara until next summer.

It's nice to know they have each other...that makes it a tiny bit easier to say goodbye.

Well...sort of. It's been so special being together that we'll miss them a lot!!

Claire and I are headed home by ourselves today, while Dave still has ten more days in the States before he'll join us back at home.

**Thanks for the photos Claire! :)


  1. Love seeing the picture of the kids on the train! And of course the "sad" picture of Claire! They are looking so grown up all of a sudden!!!

  2. Makes me tear up! So special to be together!