Friday, July 26, 2013

Important News about Us

This coming November marks twenty years with Josiah Venture for Dave and I. We’ve been here in the Czech Republic serving since 1993, loving the privilege of what God has called us to.

And we’re still called to it! There is nothing we would rather do than be a part of God’s work here in Central and Eastern Europe – leading young people to Christ, discipling them, training up young leaders, seeing new churches birthed, and being part of this movement of God that we are in the midst of.

But after twenty years, we are in need of refreshment, retooling, rest and reconnection. The last time we took a sabbatical was in 1991-92, before we started Josiah Venture!

That's us in 1992, towards the end of our last sabbatical. Tyler was two, I'm pregnant with Caleb! Yep, we've changed!

So at the request and blessing of our JV board, we begin a ten month sabbatical/home assignment/vision casting trip this August.

We are not stepping out of JV! Just want to make that really clear.

On the contrary, because we see ourselves here for the long haul, we want to be good stewards of our minds, spirits, bodies and souls. And of the gifts and talents God has given us. We want to be sharper and stronger, more faith filled and trusting God for the task ahead of us: that of calling out a generation of people to live for Christ and His Kingdom in this part of the world.

So what are we going to do during these ten months?

Rest. Think. Pray. Dream. Exercise. Travel. Write.

Both Dave and I have writing projects in our minds and on our hearts so we’ll be giving a lot of attention to that throughout this next year. If Dave had his way, he’d write three books in the next ten months! But for now, he’ll concentrate on one, and I’ll do the same.

We’ll also be in the States for five months of that time, visiting our supporting churches, seeing family, friends and supporters, and making new connections for the years ahead with Josiah Venture.

Except for the first two months, which our JV board has designated as deep rest time for us, Dave will remain in his leadership position with JV. He will entrust the day to day running of the ministry to Mel Ellenwood and Brian Stephens, the Executive VP and VP of Operations for JV. They’ll stay up to date with each other through Skype and meet three times for extended planning, but Mel and Brian will have responsibility for hands-on leadership while we’re gone. We’ll head back to the ministry full time next summer.

To be honest, we know that we have about three year’s worth of things to do during these ten months. We know we won’t get to it all, even though we wish we could.

But we also know the Lord has assigned this time to us, and we deeply desire to be under His leading and do all that He’s appointed for us. We’ll see what all that is! Please pray for us during these months, that we will do exactly what He has for us, nothing more and nothing less.

If you have been a regular supporter of ours, we want to say with all our hearts: THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for standing with us in this vision for twenty years. We would be so grateful if you would continue in that role in our lives. What God’s done here is part of your fruit too, and wouldn’t have happened without your constant and faithful prayers and financial support.

We don’t talk much about finances – God’s always covered and provided, through many of you, during these twenty six years on the mission field (in case you didn’t know, we served in Germany prior to moving to the Czech Republic).

But if He prompts you to be part of providing additional finances needed for this year, it would mean the world to us to have you stand alongside as we get ready for what the Lord’s going to do next, in and through us, and in Josiah Venture.

You can go HERE to make a donation through our JV giving site.

We’re heading into a new season of life and we’re excited about what the future holds!

Thanks for being our friends, for loving us, caring about our family, and joining us in this vision to reach the youth of Central and Eastern Europe.

And thanks for reading all of this!


  1. What a cute couple in Stryjskyj park :)

  2. Such an important time for you two. I've experienced a deep burnout and it's not fun. It will be so good for you guys to get this rest, a focus on other things, and also a chance to adjust to the empty nest! If you guys come through Portland I would love to see you!

  3. That first picture really puts it into perspective!!! Wow. So glad you get these next ten months!