Monday, July 29, 2013

Day with my Daughter

Spending the day with my daughter is, and always has been, one of my favorite things to do.

So combine that with a train ride --my favorite transportation! A day in Prague -- my favorite city! And surprises around every corner --- it's a perfect combination as far as I'm concerned!

Since we were attempting to see things that we don't normally see, we walked different routes and saw new things.

I've walked by this many times, but never seen that little man. For anyone who's in Prague, it's on the bridge with the locks!

We walked on Kampa Island near the river, trying our best to stay cool on what was probably the hottest day so far this year!

I've been to this next place, but Claire had never been. Know what it is? It's the Lennon Wall. I'll let you read HERE to find out what it is if you don't know!

It's quite a popular spot for picture taking, and I could hardly even get one of Claire alone there. Had to actually crop the photo above from this one:

Those people will never know they're on my blog! HA!

There was one place we just had to visit, even though we'd been there before. It's the chocolate shop at the Alchymist Hotel up in Mala Strana. I've seriously never had better chocolate than this!!

Claire agrees!

There were familiar sites to see as well while we walked. Even though we didn't go in to sample what's inside like we usually do, it was still beautiful to pass by!

And you can't be in Prague without crossing over the Charles Bridge. It just wouldn't be right!

While there were hoards of tourists (but of course we're NOT...ha ha!), I still managed to get a photo that makes it look like Claire and I are the only ones in Prague!

This was definitely something new...taking a boat on the river! We weren't on this one, but the name made me laugh! You'd have to know what Caleb's camp name is at Gull Lake to understand why this is funny. Yes, we sent him a photo of this right then and there by text message. Love technology!

As a play on words, but with a nod to the country he's grown up in, he's known as "Czechy Cheese"!

Riding down the Vltava was new for us, and so much fun!

And you just can't beat that view from the boat!

After being out in the heat all day, we finally gave in and went to the mall to cool off. What's better than a mocha frappaccino and phone call with Caleb who's in Michigan?!

Anyone notice the spelling of my name on my cup?!

I don't know how it could've been a better day! So thankful for my precious Claire and all the memories we've made living our lives in Czech.

 Glad we got to make one last big one!


  1. You are such a great mom! Way to take care of your daughter and soak in these last days :)

  2. That was SUCH a warm day. And a wonderful day. Let's do it again! ;)