Monday, July 1, 2013

Unusual Guests

For the past few weeks we've had some unusual guests at our house. Six guests, to be exact.

One of them hangs out in the yard a the grass, in our bushes.

Most of them, though, are content in our porch rafters.

 Who are these guests?

 A mama and her five little newborn birdies!

I know some people would consider them a nuisance, but it's actually been fascinating watching from the very beginning as the mom and dad (who doesn't seem to be around anymore) first built the nest for their little ones weeks ago. 

Look at the care that went into building that nest! What's crazy is that they brought about twice as much building materials as they used...the rest ended up down on our patio and we had to clean up after them.

The mom is very attentive to her little ones. All day long she's bringing food to them, though only lands for about 3 seconds as she passes it off and heads out for more. I wonder how she keeps track of who gets fed in that short amount of time?

These birdies chirp much of the day, probably crying out for more food since it comes in such miniscule amounts. While you only see four in this picture, there are actually five of those bright yellow-mouthed birdies hanging out in our rafters, waiting on their mom for more food!

I hope we get to see them test out their flying skills one of these days!

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