Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Joys of Summer

One of the great joys of summer is all the dear people that flow in and out of our lives. Whether they're visiting or here to serve, we love seeing people that mean so much to us.

Tonight we were up at Malenovice for US team training for the second round of camps which begin on Saturday.

It was non-stop greetings and hugs all evening as we saw one dear person after another!

Such as JV summer intern, Hannah, who we hadn't met until tonight, but found out is a Moody student, like our children.

And would you believe Claire found out that Hannah is actually on the very same dorm floor as she was just assigned to? How cool is that?!

The Jensen family are here from Colorado, serving together at Malenovice for a couple of weeks. Long time friends, Brad is the senior pastor at Faith EV Free, one of our dear supporting churches. And we've known Thea since she was a teenager...and now she has teenagers of her own! So delightful to have them in our "backyard" for a few weeks.

The Gauthier family arrived at Malenovice today, coming from Germany where Mark is a chaplain in the US military. Their son, Timothy (in the red t-shirt) is a JV summer intern so they came to visit him, but to visit us too! They have been long time faithful supporters of ours. So it's a joy to have them in our backyard as well, giving them a glimpse into our lives and what God is doing here through their investment.

Dave told the JV story once again tonight, sharing our vision, heart and passion for this part of the world.

Sure love having dear people here with us who believe in, and stand with us for this vision, as we seek to reach many with the good news of Jesus Christ!

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