Monday, July 8, 2013

Sharing our Kitchen

Meet Kori, one of our newest JV team members here in Czech!

Kori married Greg Strock June 2012 ,and moved here with her husband this May. That might not seem too unusual.

Except for the fact that Greg has been serving here in the Czech Republic since 1998! He spent seven summers serving at English camps, then moved here to serve full time six years ago.

While this is home to Greg, it's all new to Kori. She's one brave woman to move here and jump into his world!

As with any new bride, it's a challenge learning to cook for two. Add on needing to cook gluten free, and it's a another challenge.

But then you add on moving to another country and it definitely steps it up to an even more difficult level!

The best advice I got about cooking when I was a new bride was this: "If you can read, you can cook!" That advice has served me well.

However, I think there's a second part to that advice that's even more helpful.

"No need to reinvent the wheel!"

If someone you know has already figured it out, go spend a day with them to listen, watch and do it with them.

 And that's just what Kori came to our house for today!

Since we've been cooking gluten free and dairy free for nearly five years, we've learned lots of things about how to make that happen here in Czech. It was a joy to pass on our knowledge, helpful hints, tips of where to buy things, cookbooks we love, and any other info we thought would help Kori as she learns to cook here.

She was a high school teacher in Alaska before moving here, so knows about learning! It was a lot of fun to spend time with her and pass on what we know to such a good and willing student.

I'm sorry I forgot to get a picture of the two things Claire and Kori baked. But let me say...they were really, really good.

See here for the brownies and the chewy oatmeal cookies that came out of our oven today.

Thanks for coming over Kori. It was fun to share our info and kitchen with you!

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