Thursday, July 11, 2013

Inside the House

Sleeping at night with the door open, a slight breeze wafting in, is one of my great summer delights.

That is, until this morning.

Dave had already gotten up and left early so wasn't at home. I'd just woken up and was laying in bed, thinking about the day ahead.

When all of a sudden a black bird came careening into our room, hit the wall and spiraled over into the corner...near where I was laying!

It makes me shiver and feel that "freaked out" kind of feeling all over again as I even write this.

I was up and out of bed in nano seconds, rushing into the bathroom to try and figure out what my next move was.

Knowing I'd need to fully open the door to the balcony (it was only cracked, and there was a curtain over that bird got in there, I'll never know), I peeked my head out of the bathroom and searched the room with my eyes, praying...that I WOULD NOT see that bird!

When I didn't, I rushed over to the balcony door, threw it open, grabbed my robe and headed out of our bedroom, slamming the door as I went...oh and grabbing our dog, who was lazily laying on the bed THE WHOLE TIME gazing at me with a look that said, "What on earth are you doing mom??"!

It took me several hours before I had the courage to go back into the room...only to grab some clothes and hurry out again.

Dave came home a few hours later and being the brave man (and loving husband) that he is, went in and searched the whole room to make sure there wasn't a dead, or dying bird anywhere!

Thankfully there was no sign of the wayward bird.

But I'm still too freaked out to go back in there.

And now the question is...will I open the balcony door again tonight to let in that cool summer breeze??


  1. Oh no! That would be freaky. And no help from the dog! I had a black bird experience this AM too. We were getting ready to go for our walk and Sassy was looking at something outside. I should have looked because as soon as I opened the screen door and reached out for the key and other door she was off like a shot after a crow. There's a good chance my arm bent as it wrapped around the door! But thankfully I held on and she was stopped short. Those crows! She loves chasing them, and dragging me down the street after her. The neighbors have to be laughing, it's not graceful.

  2. Oh Connie....I am totally feeling your pain and fear on this one, girl! Yikes! I'm soooo glad that Dave could come home and be his Wild at Heart self with a battle to fight and a beauty to rescue!!! Love you lots!