Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ladies and Kids

What to do on the fourth of July, our American Independence Day, when you live in the Czech Republic where it's not a holiday, and your husbands/dads are gone?

Have a ladies and kids party!

With all of our husbands/dads away at various events, Aleisha, and her three adorable kids, graciously hosted a little party tonight for us. Thank you Aleisha!!

Such a sweet evening with these dear friends, including Lisa and her 'oh so cute' little guy!

We brought Kaylee with us as a special treat for Cece who loves her, and was dog-carrier extraordinaire for the evening!

Cece was willing and able to carry Kaylee around for much of the evening. Too cute!

Is that the sweetest face?!!

 Another adorable face! :)

And then there are these three! Born just weeks apart from each other, they are such buddies. I love everything about this photo of them!

It was plenty of entertainment being with these adorable kids for the evening.

Eventually those cuties all went to bed and then it was "sit around the fire" time for us ladies. So fun to just let the conversation wander as the sun went down, the stars and fireflies came out, and time stood still.

Truly a summer evening, and fourth of July celebration, at its best!

As we headed to our car, and Lisa left to walk home, I couldn't resist one last photo to capture the end of a sweet time with dear friends.

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