Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Pub in Town

After ten hours of meetings for Dave and I today, we decided to walk with Claire to dinner tonight.

For years and years there was an old pub/restaurant in the village of Malenovice that was quite a hangout for locals.

Which didn't include us. I never went in there in all the years that we've lived here.

This past year a man from the village bought the old pub, tore it down, and built a new one.

I don't know if it made the townspeople happy or not, but wow! It sure made me happy! It's just lovely.

We had a couple of really good soups and a little Coke (my grandma used to ask me if I'd like a 'little Pepsi'...I'm borrowing her phrase for a 'little Coke'!).

And some really good homemade chips. Yum! I'm thinking I'll be back there a time or two (or three or four).

It couldn't have been a more pleasant evening for our walk into the village, and our dinner at the new pub, Borova.

Ah, summer evenings. There's nothing like them!

Fun to have such a nice end to an already good, albeit long, day.

**Thanks for all the photos Claire!**

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  1. Soooo cool! I recognize the street because I went running by there a couple of times last time I visited. For sure we'll have to eat there next time I come. And, I LOVE your cute flower top too! :o)