Thursday, August 8, 2013

Getting to Croatia, Part 1

Though she's got a smile on her face in this picture, it was a quiet couple of hours after we drove away from Frydlant, leaving the Czech Republic and crossing over into Austria, and heading towards Croatia.

Goodbyes and departures are hard, no two ways around that.

But of course, without them, there are no "hellos" to new things either. It's that bitter-sweet of life that makes it so rich.

Dinner at a rest stop somewhere in Croatia felt relieving to all of us. We finally wanted to talk, laugh and just enjoy being together again.

If only we knew at that moment what was just a few hours ahead of us.

Then again, maybe it's just good to eat, drink and be merry (in the Lord of course!)...especially if the eating includes Ćevapi, a dish we always love having when we get to Croatia!

After finishing our meal, we were ready to happily settle in for the last hours of the trip towards our destination.

Shortly after I took this photo in a tunnel (just for particular significance, except for the fact that now I know I took it with no knowledge of what was coming), I happened to glance at my phone and see an email had come in from my sister-in-law, Joyce.

Tears sprang to my eyes, and I had to gather my composure as I said to Dave and Claire, "One of our dear friends is in heaven."

And then our car died. be continued!

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