Friday, August 30, 2013

When Size Matters

In the Adriatic, you see all sizes of boats, yachts, sailboats, ferries and ships. 

As we travel alongside those various sailing vessels we always comment that whether you're on a dinghy or a mega-yacht, you're all seeing the same thing...the gorgeous beauty of Croatia.

However, there are times when size matters.

Case in point yesterday. 

Our twenty foot Bayliner maneuvers through the water just great on normal days, and we've even managed through some storms just fine. But although the sun was shining and the day looked completely normal, swells on the sea were harrowing for our little boat. 

We hit a swell yesterday that nosed us right into a wave, which buried us in water. That wave came up and over the front of us in one big "whoosh" and doused everything, and then some, in its path with that salty Adriatic seawater. 

Dave responded quickly and we were never in danger of being swamped or out of control. 

However, it absolutely terrified me. 

About a half hour later we were able to pull into a marina on the island of Korcula, and begin the process of recovery. 

A call to a laundry service in town brought a kind man in a van who picked up all our wet bedding and whisked it off to be cleaned and dried. 

Dave pulled everything else out to dry, and even ran to the store to get me a Coke (he knows me well that even just the bottle in my hand is comforting).

I didn't recover quite as quickly as our wet things did. Hours later I was still shaking. I'm not sure I've ever experienced that type of shock. It was one of my worst nightmares realized: being hit by a wave while in the boat.

The good news is that today I'm feeling much better...thanks to a loving husband who's done any and everything to help me recover! 

After our laundry was returned dry at 10:30 PM (for a price, but at that point you don't really care!), we moored in a 100% protected cove where I slept deeply. In the morning Dave brewed coffee for me, and brought me over to rest for the day in one of our favorite spots on Korcula - a sleepy little town called Lumbarda that we discovered a while back. 

Rather than head on as we had planned, we will stay here for the day and another night, just to make sure I fully recover from the shock of what happened. I love being on the boat so don't want to let that event change how I feel about being on it. Just need a little time to feel all good about it again.

The breeze is blowing softly, the waves are gently lapping at the sides of the boats in the marina, I'm looking out at a gorgeous view, and enjoying a quiet and restful afternoon. These are good, kind and much appreciated gifts from my husband, and the Lord. 

I'm almost back to normal.


  1. Glad you are doing better!

    I assume your feelings are similar to the disciples while Jesus was asleep in the boat. So you might read that passage a little differently now! :)

  2. Honey!!!!!!!! Oh, I am feeling this one with you and for you. I can't imagine how scary this was for you. And I love hearing so many sweet parts of this story as you talk about Dave caring so well for you and making sure you are "grounded" (emotionally, not literally!) before sailing on, and the fact that you are SUCH a courageous woman who is still going to get back on that boat even after this traumatic experience.

    Of course I can't help but think of Luke 5, I think it is, where the disciples were completely terrified in their boat, just like you were. And even though they went through their fear in a full throttle way, the bottom line was that they were safe and were okay because Jesus was in the boat with them.

    I'm so glad that Jesus is literally in your boat with you. Love you so much, Michelle

  3. Connie,

    So glad the Lord was watching over you guys.