Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Change is Good

After many days of sunshine, I woke up to lightning, thunder and a huge rainstorm at 6 AM this morning.

Taken about a half hour after the storm

I think the best thing about the storm was the perspective it reminded me of.

The sunny days here in Croatia have been so welcome to our  "normally lacking in Vitamin D" bodies. And there's nothing like a beautiful sunny day to bring smiles and joy, along with the fun of outdoor living for a change.

But without contrast, or perspective, those sunny days can be endless and tiring. At least to me.

Thus this morning's rainstorm and completely "other" weather was so welcome. I knew it was good for the parched ground that's like a tinderbox waiting to be lit. It was good too for the coolness it brought, along with the welcome breeze.

And it was good for my perspective.

Later on when the sun came back out, I was more appreciative of it, and even looked for a reason to go into town so we could walk along the marina and enjoy shorts and tank top weather again.

But curling up with a freshly made pot of French Press while it was raining this morning (with special birthday coffee from my dear friend Michelle!) was also delightful for the few hours it was raining!

Change is good.

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