Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sweet Days, Sweet Life

Feeling very thankful today for these precious days with some of our kids while we're in Croatia.

We've visited favorite spots, taken lots of photos, read books, rested, swam, made good meals, eaten gelato and just hung out together.

Tomorrow, very early in the morning, we'll take a ferry over to Split and deliver them to the airport where the three of them will begin their long journey to Chicago.

For Claire this begins her college years in the States. She'll have one day at a friend's house to rest and get last shopping done before heading downtown to Moody Bible Institute on Saturday to move in and begin orientation.

Tyler and Lara head back to Chicago where Tyler will finish one last semester at Moody, and wrap up his job as the manager of Joe's, the coffee shop on campus.

Lara has a job interview on Friday, and they have an appointment to see a potential apartment in Glen Ellyn. They have some big things coming! So proud of them for how they're trusting the Lord with what's ahead in their future.

Tomorrow is a big day. It's a goodbye.  Goodbye to a very sweet life that we've known with our kids at home under our roof and care. We won't have any of them under our roof for quite a while (and most likely only Claire again someday since Tyler and Lara already have their own life, and Caleb will marry Haley next May). I will miss that.

And we'll still care about our kids for a very long time, even if they're not under our roof!

Tomorrow is also a hello...hello to a new chapter of Dave's and my life. There is something really wonderful about the thought of discovering what that will be like for us. Much as I'll miss my kids, I really like to be with Dave so I know we'll enjoy all that's ahead!

There are a lot of new, good and sweet things out there for us discover.

And best of all, the Lord has already gone ahead and prepared the way for us!

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