Thursday, August 22, 2013

Looking For Shade

While the hot summer temperatures are beginning to come down in some places, it remains hot here in Croatia.

We've spent time out in the sun, which I always look forward to when we're here. But I've actually spent more time looking for shade.

There is a lovely view out the door of where we're staying, but in the morning it's in full sunshine (unless you're under the umbrella), and can be quite hot over a leisurely cup of coffee, time in the Word, or simply to just sit and "be".

I went to bed last night feeling uncomfortably hot, and told the Lord in more of a wishful than prayerful way, that I would love some shade to rest and relax in.

When I woke this morning I had very distinct instructions from Him - so much so that it almost made me laugh out loud!

He told me to go down the stairs.

“Down the stairs??” Well...alright.

With a cup of coffee in hand, down to the water’s edge I went.

And you know what I found at the bottom of the stairs. BLISSFUL SHADE!!! Why hadn't I thought of that before?

But since He'd directed me, it was all the more of a magnificent time on the stairs…time in the Word was so precious, time in prayer was absolutely wonderful, time to think and just be still…so perfect.

Kaylee came down with me, exploring further on down to the beach while I sat on the stairs (which were in the shade an hour earlier than when I took this photo), but then came up and laid down beside me on the step for over an hour.

That was perfect too. I don’t know why that’s a part of how good the morning and the shade was, but it just WAS.

I'd taken a cup of coffee down there too, but wished I had taken the whole pot of French press! Or better yet, a thermos, already creamed and sugared so I could just drink to my heart’s content. I’ll be looking around this kitchen to see if by any chance there’s a thermos tucked away. If not, I’ll have to go in search of one here on the island.

(Should've taken a picture of my cup there on the stairs, but you can picture it...and the shade that was there just an hour earlier!)

Oh how kind of the Lord to have answered my heart’s cry - without me even having really asked.

But as I sat there on the stairs I knew I was sitting in HIS shade…perfectly protected and encircled by Him, under His loving care.

You can be sure I'll be heading down there again tomorrow morning. And the next. I can hardly wait!

In this ordained season of life where we are living a different pace, in a different location, with a different temperature than at home...He gave me the shade my heart needed. In more ways than one.

And since I couldn't get a picture of myself saying a hearty "Thank you Lord" to that, I'll have to settle for Kaylee saying it for me!


  1. Aw! So glad you wrote about this! I can just picture being there. And that last picture of Kaylee- priceless! :D

  2. That is such a great looking place to sit and read! Love the clear blue water. I'm not even really sure where you are right now...somewhere in Croatia!