Thursday, August 1, 2013

JV Summer Camps - important night tonight

While we've been doing a lot of "Living by Lysa" this summer, there have been some amazing spiritual things happening throughout Central and Eastern Europe at our JV summer camps.

Lysa Hora - the mountain I see out of the window from my office at our house

With over 100 Josiah Venture camps nearly completed, we have seen an unusual number of professions of faith this summer. We truly praise the Lord for this!

We're not about counting numbers, but about lives being transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So we pray that each of those who has made a profession of faith, will indeed walk forward in their new relationship with the Lord, growing and deepening in their love for Him, and knowledge of Him, being transformed by the One who is able to do that!

I wish each of you could experience a day at camp here - seriously, our team is doing such an awesome job of sharing their lives and the Gospel with young people!

Tonight is the redemption talk at camps being held here in Czech. Students will hear how their lives can be redeemed by Jesus, and how they can enter into a real relationship with Him for the rest of their lives and all of eternity. PRAY!! Lives can and will be changed forever tonight!

Tyler and Lara have done a great job at keeping up their blog this summer as they've interned with JV, so if you want to get a glimpse into what they have experienced, you can read more HERE!

And finally, this video came out on You Tube today. It's our JV wide camp theme song and dance. You'll get a feel for how much fun they have at camp!

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