Thursday, August 8, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Frydlant

A couple of last photos at home Sunday morning...

 One little furry girl who doesn't want to be left behind...

And then we were our office in Frydlant first, to say some goodbyes.

Are those two of the cutest girls you've ever seen?! I'm so glad Cece and Lia, along with their families, and some of our other dearest friends, came to see us all off that morning.

Oh how hard to wave goodbye from the car window as these dear ones saw us all off on our grand adventure this year.

Claire: headed to college and life in the States for the first time in her life (she's visited, but never lived there).

Dave and I: headed off to our #pattyvision20 trip (if you're on Instagram you know what that is!).

We'll all be gone until next summer.

"Goodbye dearest friends! Tears were in my eyes as you waved us off...thank you for loving us so well!"

With one last look at our lovely Frýdlant nad Ostravicí...

 We said goodbye for now.

We're not gone forever! But it was definitely hard to say goodbye even for now.

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