Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy August

The month of August is here - it's my favorite month of the year!

For many years we vacationed with our family and friends during this month so that always made it special.

It's also my birthday month. Oh yes, I like to celebrate all month!

Plus, the weather is always warm and beautiful so that makes for a happy month.

Lovely Croatia where we have vacationed for so many years!

But this August is unlike any other. It marks the beginning of a new season of life for us.

We leave on Sunday to begin our time of sabbatical/home assignment and won't be back home full time again in Czech until next summer.

Claire leaves with us to Croatia too (where we'll spend our first two months of sabbatical), but will only spend 11 days with us before flying to the States, with Tyler and Lara who will be returning after their summer internship. Claire begins college at Moody Bible Institute on my birthday, August 17th. (Orientation begins that day)

We are finishing our goodbyes, cleaning and packing, and preparing ourselves for what's ahead.

There is obviously a mixture of sadness and joy these days. It's hard to put life on pause here because we love everyone and everything associated with it so much. But at the same time we're looking forward to all the things God has for us in the months to come.

I've wrestled with what to do with my blog during this time. And honestly, I still don't know what I'm going to do!

I know it will probably be different than it has been for the past years, as this has been my way to journal, enjoy and recount all the details life has been filled with here.

But the coming season during our sabbatical/home assignment (wish I could come up with a better word for this time than that cumbersome pairing!) is a time for reflection, nourishment, deepening and rest. I really don't know if blogging will add to that or take away from it. Guess we'll all find out as I move forward into this time!

So, for now I'll just say "Happy August"!

And we'll see where the Lord takes me and this blog in the coming months.


  1. Here is one vote for you to keep blogging. Maybe you could study Dave very closely over the next year and chronicle how a leader unplugs. That ought to be interesting! Or how about a where's Waldo (or Where's Dave and Connie) from wherever in the world you are located.

    I guess you could take a break since this is a labor of love and you are on "vacation" sort of. But it's always so interesting to see where you are and what's new.

  2. I'm with Mike. I hope you will keep blogging. And, Happy Birthday Month! My family has several birthdays this month. It's a good month :)