Friday, August 16, 2013

She's Got Wings

We put Claire on the plane to Chicago yesterday, bound for college in the United States.

She's got her wings now!

There is much more to say about the goodbye, but I'm still processing and absorbing all of the sweetness and sadness of that so will write about it later.

For now just wanted to enjoy a few last photos of Claire and her dad, on her last day here in Croatia...having fun, as always!

This past year has been a special one to share with her, for both Dave and I. We've done things all together, and we've made separate memories too. I love that she and her dad are close, and that she'll always be his girl!

We did a remake of an old photo on that last day, remembering the long trip to Singapore that she and her dad took together nearly 10 years ago.

Same dad...same girl...just a little older!

And a whole lot of memories between then and now to treasure for us all.

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  1. I like those pictures of Claire and Dave! So fun that Claire is now starting her college days...I'm sure she will love it!