Monday, October 21, 2013

Day of Rest

I'm glad the Lord mandates a day of rest every week. And glad He doesn't say exactly how you should rest. Just that you should!

Rest for us yesterday was a day out of the house, and into the beauty of fall in New England.

After a morning service at a church we found in Portsmouth, we headed into town to see what there is to see.

And loved it!

I know every area of the world has its known characteristics, and New England is living up to my expectations for its own charm!

White steeples, brick buildings and sidewalks, brilliant fall leaves, and a sense of being in England! Those are all things I hoped/expected to see here, and it's not letting me down!

Loved seeing this line-up of red tugboats down at the edge of the harbor. Who thought to paint them red? That's awesome!

We are spoiled by the gift of good weather right now. Makes everything look even more charming!

And then there's the history of this place that's so fascinating. Notice a couple of the guys who worshiped at this downtown church?

Spoiled again! Gluten free pizza at The Flatbread Company. Oh good! No tomato sauce on that pizza, but oh wow, was the flavor amazing of garlic and olive oil as a base. Hope we'll make it back there!

Since it was such a beautiful day, and we were right near the border, we headed up into Maine a little ways to soak in some more of the day's beauty.

We stopped at this lovely spot where a picturesque marsh was on one side, and a small harbor on the other side.

Down to the harbor we strolled, both of us drawn to the tranquility of Sunday afternoon at the docks. Super quiet and peaceful.

And there we stood, just resting.

I can still hear the seagulls and the lapping of water at the dock. So restful, peaceful, and good for the soul.

Ended our afternoon of rest in York, Maine, a town first settled in 1624. Being there reminded us of Europe, the most of any place we've been so far. We loved meandering by ourselves through the gorgeous fall leaves.

I seriously hope it's not sacrilegious to toss leaves in an old cemetery. The carpet of red, orange, yellow and brown reminded me of my childhood in Oregon, so much so that I just couldn't resist! 

Grateful for a day of rest.

And now we're back to work today!

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