Monday, October 14, 2013

Celebrating with Tea

All our kids came out to Wheaton on the week-end to celebrate Claire's birthday as a family. 

Saturday afternoon we planned to do the river walk in Naperville, but first stopped by the Adagio Tea shop.

A very smart move on their part to offer amazingly tasty free sidewalk samples because we then walked inside to check it out.

And spent an hour and a half in this amazing downtown shop, learning all about their exceptional tea.

Their staff was truly delightful, making it such a fun event to sample all sorts of teas we'd never heard of.

Did you know you can get three to five steepings on their oolong tea? Nope, I didn't know that either. The crazy thing is, every cup was a different experience, even though the leaves were the same each time.

We connected with Jessica, one of their staff, and she ended up staying with us for an hour, explaining many unknown facts and tidbits about the art of tea. We loved her passion and knowledge!

The star on the board here is made up of seven different types of tea, and she's showing us how the leaves unroll once they've been steeped. Truly fascinating!

Jessica made our day of celebrating Claire all the more special by sharing her enthusiasm and expertise of tea, which happens to be something that Claire really enjoys too. What a cool gift that we didn't even know she'd get for her birthday celebration.

 It was totally a hit with everyone else too!

 Celebrating our girl was never so fun!

We never did make it over to the Naperville river walk. Instead, took a sidewalk family photo in downtown Naperville and called that good. Very good!

Happy 19th Birthday Claire! It was such a joy getting to celebrate all together.

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