Saturday, October 5, 2013

USA Or Bust!

And we're off! 

After a lot of decisions about what to take for six months, we left Frydlant this afternoon and are now tucked away at a hotel near the Krakow airport. Our flight leaves early tomorrow morning and we've got a long day of travel ahead of us - three separate flights before we land in Chicago tomorrow night.

Hopefully our kids will meet us at the airport . We are sure excited to see them all! Though I've seen Tyler, Lara, Claire and Haley more recently, I haven't seen Caleb since Christmas! Hope I recognize him.

Or maybe I should say, "Hope he recognizes me"!! It's been fun to surprise people with my new hair color!

Looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us in the States.


  1. Oh! I love your hair more and more! Thinking of you as you fly today! Hope it's fun to just sit down and have people bring you drinks and snacks..... (that's what Josh always says when we get on a plane!)