Friday, October 11, 2013

Life Changing Location

Our connection to Chicago, the Midwest, and Wheaton began here, at this building, twenty one years ago.

After being awarded the Billy Graham scholarship to study for his master's degree at Wheaton College, Dave and I moved, with one year old Tyler, to Wheaton in the fall of 1991. Dave spent a lot of hours in that building, the Billy Graham Center, and to this day, feels a great appreciation for all he learned during his time there.

It was a life changing year and a half for him as he studied, and for us as we began to dream about what was ahead for us in the future. The idea and vision for Josiah Venture was born during that time!

I visited Wheaton's campus today, which brought back so many memories of all those years ago when we landed there. We had no idea what was going to happen in our lives as a result of our time at the school!

Not only did Dave gain a wealth of learning from his profs and class time, but we gained a dear church family, and were blessed with the richness of lifelong friendships...friends like these women that I had breakfast with just this morning!

Of course, a new group of students entered Wheaton College this fall, and among them was our dear friend, Lucy Rose Till, whose family serves as missionaries in Frydlant, the town we live in back in the Czech Republic.

What a delight to see her there today, already flourishing in the same environment Dave did all those years ago!

I imagine Wheaton College will be as life-changing for Lucy Rose as it was for us. It's just that kind of a place!

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