Thursday, October 3, 2013


Walking into Tesco last night after midnight never felt so good!

The drive was long, but sweet as he headed back into very familiar territory. Couldn't believe how cold it was! We had to put on our coats as we unloaded the car late last night.

I was sure glad our Tesco is open 24 hours a day! We were able to pick up a few groceries to bring home to an otherwise very empty refrigerator after being gone two months. While not much changed there, I found something new at one of our malls today when out running errands


And pumpkin spice lattes are new here this fall so I enjoyed that very much this afternoon, even if I am headed to the land of those lattes in just a few days!

First thing this morning found me at the hairdresser in Poland. I don't think I've ever posted a picture from the hairdresser on my blog, but it was for a specific reason today.

Mariusz (my awesome Polish hairdresser) and I made a big decision...change of color, and some bangs! It's just a phone photo but you get the gist of the change.

I looked at a picture from when I graduated from college and decided to go back to that color. I like it!

This is a random post...and that's because I've got gazillions of things to get done before we leave Saturday afternoon. But just wanted to say we're feels great...I don't want to leave...but I can't wait to see my kids and what all God has for us in the coming six months there!


  1. Yay kids!! :) We're all here waiting!

  2. You are so adorable...and so brave! LOVE IT!!!! I can totally picture the salon and love that I've been to so many of your regular places so I imagine being there with you! Love you tons!!!

  3. Did we really go "red"??? So proud of you! It is a beautiful color on you!

  4. I've always loved a warm hair color with your fair skin. A new cut & color for this new season. Sounds wonderful!