Saturday, October 26, 2013

How Is This Possible

I thought I'd take a break from writing today.

Maybe go outside and take some more pictures of this beautiful New England fall, go for a run, or even go out and do something fun like watch the horse show taking place down the road from us.

But instead, when I woke up, the words were there again.

Where are they coming from?? It's easy to say "God" and sound like I'm oversimplifying or somehow naive. But the truth is, that has to be the answer. How is it possible that I reached 100 pages today, of a book that I just started writing on Monday? Seriously, how??

See it down there in the corner? Pages 100 of 100. Whew. I have a lot of words inside me, I guess. ("Do not reply to that", I say to my brother!)

But they're words that I feel are really from the Father, and all I'm doing is being his stenographer.

I had to laugh at myself though, when I got up to fix lunch. At 3:00.

I looked down beside me to see: two pairs of shoes, because you know, you can't write without at least two pairs.  Also two pairs of reading glasses because you never know when you might need to switch. There are two bottles of water, there from yesterday. I better drink something today. A half drank cup of coffee. And I love coffee! Just got too busy writing to finish.

Then there's my Bible, notebooks and pens for support. It's still making me laugh to see all my "stuff", there - to keep me company, I guess.

Dave and I traded computers after lunch to read what the other one had written. Now we're ready to go at it again.

So much for going outside today. Maybe I'll go out and catch the sunset later on.

Until then, back to the keyboard.

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  1. Go Mom!!! It's like you're running another marathon! ;)