Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lovely Boston

The World Series is going on just one hour from where we are tonight. Will it be the last game of the series?? In a few hours we'll know.

It's been a long time since I've followed American baseball, but when you're here in Red Sox country, you kind of have to at least be a little bit interested! We're staying tuned tonight to see how it goes.

It's crazy that we were just in their town, Boston, over the week-end. Tonight there could be parties in these very neighborhoods where we drove on Sunday!

While we were there, I was totally charmed by the historic area of Beacon Hill.

The row houses seemed to go on and on, and all of them so interesting and varied!

I would've loved to have stopped, parked, and taken better pictures. But as you can see by this photo I snapped from our car window, parking is a problem there.

So we satisfied ourselves with just a drive around the area, and I kept clicking, hoping I was capturing some of the charm.

There were actually a few snowflakes here in New Hampshire today, so I'm glad we were there on the week-end when it was still sunny and not too cold.

With the sun shining, the leaves showing off their fall colors, and these turn of the century homes lining the streets, it was lots of fun to drive through this area.

It's supposedly a very expensive area of the city to live in. What would it be like to enter through those doors every day, knowing you lived there?

Oh, and the other thing that was so cool? The gas-lit lanterns that still line the street - super charming.

And then, there was this guy. What on earth was he doing on Beacon Hill? Any guesses?

I have absolutely no idea either, and my guess is, the people passing by are guessing too.

Otherwise, Boston is a lovely city!


  1. What a beautiful neighborhood. Maybe it was a Halloween costume related to the classic kids' picture book "Make Way for Ducklings"? Large chunks of that happen in and around Beacon Hill and in the big public gardens there. I only know this because I've had to re-read it until it's almost memorized with our little ones lately :).

  2. We love Boston. Parts of it remind us of European cities. Nicholas spent a summer semester at Boston University and was able to explore the city. We had some good days with him before & after school. My favorites are the public gardens (photos with the duck statues), public library, historic walking tours, Regina's pizza, the waterfront & the scenic row houses. So glad you were able to enjoy this fun city!