Thursday, October 31, 2013

I've Been Waiting

As I sat in front of this window and wrote all day, I was planning my blog post for later tonight.

Sure it was raining here, but that never stopped me when I was a kid.

For the first time in 21 years, I was going to get to answer my door (well, my door at the house where we're staying anyway) for trick-or-treaters!

I've actually only been in the United States on Halloween twice in the past twenty-one years, but neither time did I get to answer the door.

There was just something nostalgic that made me excited when I picked up a couple bags of candy the other day, and dumped them into a bowl this afternoon, all in preparation for what I hoped would be a fun blog post about kids who showed up our door to yell, "Trick or treat!"

I even had my camera nearby as I wanted to take some pictures to post of cute little kids as pirates or princesses.

But alas, it's 8:15 PM and not one has shown up. Maybe parents don't let their kids go to houses that they don't know? Maybe there are no children living around here? Maybe they don't trick or treat here?

In any case: What will I do with that bowl of candy?!!

Should I reward myself for every chapter I write? No, on second thought, better not do that!

Sad fail of a Halloween post while we're here in the States. Will have to satisfy myself with postings on Instagram and Facebook of cute costumes!


  1. Aw! That's so sad! Maybe YOU can go around dropping off candy at houses! ;)

  2. Ohhh, so sorry. When I bought my house I was ready for them too, having lived on a tree farm before that. But unfortunately my street is kind of dark and busy so no trick or treaters. I don't even try anymore. It all sounded so fun.

  3. Any room in your bag to bring the candy to Eugene? I'm sure Dad and I would be willing to help you out!