Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Surprise of the Day

I love getting a good surprise, and this morning's was the best.

A message came in on my phone from Caleb, our son who's studying at Moody Bible Institute, saying, "You wanted a music video?"

His best friend from Czech, Noah Ellenwood, is visiting him at Moody this week, and I'd written a comment on a photo they'd posted, jokingly asking, "Music video please?" 

Music videos were something they used to do together in childhood and high school, something that brought a lot of smiles back in the day.

But with only a few days together in Chicago, I never imagined they'd really do it.

They did. Hope it gives you a smile like it did me today!

PS. Don't forget to watch all the way to the end :)


  1. Oh man!! HAHAH! That was a fun surprise, for sure!! Who did the editing and filming??

  2. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was over...but you're right. Gotta wait to the end! Hilarious! Those two are so adorable! LOVE THEM and so happy you got a fun and happy treat to start your day today! :o)