Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fur Cousins

So, you know I couldn't leave our family in Slovenia without one last post.

About the cousins.

Yes, the furry ones! It's been no end of entertainment, watching these two figure out their relationship. Little does Scout know that she's actually not leaving and will be in his life for six months!

"Mommmmm...she's on my rug!"

Like two toddlers, they are aware of each others existence, not knowing how to interact, just circling around each other throughout the day. If one gets up, the other does too. But then they don't know what to do with each other in the same space!

Today is the day we say goodbye. And I won't lie. I've already had my cry this morning.

About leaving family. About leaving Kaylee. And about leaving Europe!

This is the first time in twenty years that I've spent longer than six weeks in the States. I hardly know what to expect being there for so long.

While we're there for these next months, I'm sure I'll figure it out.

And these two will figure out how to do life together too!

"Really??? We take PICTURES when she's here??"

Oh's going to be no end of hilarity with these two. At least I hope so for our family's sake!

"Take care of my girl Scout!"

And thank you Josh, Kristi, Blake, Rebecca, Kendra, and Luke for letting Kaylee be a part of your family these next months.


  1. Ha! Aww.. Love those cousins! And goodness... we're all going to be missing her!

  2. Oh Con...I've been feeling this with you too, even from afar. I love seeing the two cousins together and am so happy they have each other! I imagine that Kristi and family will send videos of them playing and maybe you can Skype throughout the time away. I love that you cried and connected to the depth of your precious love for your little Kaylee. Love youi!

  3. I've found myself all upset about you guys having to leave Kaylee for 6 months. I miss Sassy if I'm away from home for a few hours. We've never been apart. So I just might shed a few tears for all of you. But thankful she has a good place to stay.