Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Farthest Corner

From the southwest corner of Washington state to the far northeast, picturesque doesn't even begin to describe how amazingly beautiful this state is!

I lived in Washington for twelve years, but didn't even begin to see all its vast beauty. In fact, I didn't even know this part of the state existed!

On our way to see friends, we stopped more than once (ha ha...understatement!) to capture a few glimpses of the varied landscape.

And seriously, as we got closer to their home, it was like being in a faraway fairyland where time stood still.

Until we arrived here and were greeted by Sammy and his family! :)

Oh what a sweet evening we then shared with our friends after much so I didn't get any photos until this morning!

I surprised these guys when I stepped out of the house and caught them grazing nearby. They turned tail and took off immediately after that. Glad I snapped this one as soon as I could!

We shared our stories this morning about what God has done these past twenty years in Josiah Venture, telling our friends as we have others, "This is YOUR fruit too!" They have faithfully and generously stood with us since the beginning, believing and praying for a movement of God among young people in central and eastern Europe.

"Don and Sherilyn, you reached out to me as a young college student, and have never stopped! Thank you dear ones for loving, caring and praying for me and my family all these years!"

As we drove away, we felt nourished and blessed by these friends who live in this farthest corner of Washington, and yet, through prayer and faith, are an integral part of the Gospel message going out into the world.


  1. So wonderful to see this family. I discipled both girls when they were in HS, and their mom was so encouraging to me and thankful. I remember her kind words.

  2. Hard to believe we were here not too long ago!!