Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dad and His Girl

Seeing these two head off together makes me happy!

Through the generosity of our friends here, Dave and Claire got a ski day together yesterday. Though it'd been years since Claire had skied, she was up for an adventure with her dad!

They headed up the gondola (it's free!) to the ski area and enjoyed an afternoon all over the mountain.

Skiing must be like riding a never forget: Dave said she was awesome on the slope!

The weather has been gorgeous this week and we're all soaking it in, so thankful for a beautiful place to spend this precious time together.

"Sayin' hi from the top!"


  1. Yay! I LOVE seeing the dad-daughter date pictures (which surprises you, eh? Not!). So glad you could chronicle their afternoon of skiing! :o)

  2. I remember Claire learning to ski only because she was Dave's teaching example of how we are to 'walk by the Spirit' from Galatians.