Monday, March 24, 2014

Not Where I Expected

This is not where I expected to be today.

Late yesterday afternoon I got the phone call you never want to get.

"Mom had a stroke," my brother said just as Dave and I were on our way out the door to speak to the college group at Faith EV Free in Ft. Collins.

She'd been out in the garden working when it struck her. Thankfully my dad found her just minutes later and he and my brother rushed her to ER.

I haven't heard any news yet today, but by last night she was at least able to speak. But after a CT scan they don't know what caused this.

Through the kind generosity of friends at Faith, I am at the Denver airport right now, able to fly to Eugene, OR from Denver to be with my mom, dad and brother as we walk through this together.

So thankful that I'm in the States and able to get there this quickly.

While I didn't expect to be flying today, I know this is not a surprise to the Lord. Trusting Him in the coming days with my mom and her health, and asking if you'll pray with me for her.

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