Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cupcake to Go

When you're apart from the one you love on an anniversary, don't you think it's right to still celebrate?

Even though I was in Eugene, Oregon with my mom and dad while Dave was in Austin, TX for a conference, I wanted to celebrate Dave's and my 27th wedding anniversary with at least a little something.

After a search through the Yellow Pages, and a call to find out what they had (thanks mom!) we found a cute little bakery downtown Eugene that had one...just one possibility of a gluten free cupcake in their offerings of the day!

While it poured rain outside, I hurried into Sweet Life Patisserie and found that pretty chocolate cupcake with mint frosting. Yep, that'll do for a celebration of precious years of marriage.

But I sure wouldn't want to eat it without thinking of the one I'm celebrating.

So I asked for one in a box. To go. Off to the one I love.

A day later, Dave and I met up in the Denver coming from Oregon, him coming from Texas.

I handed him the box to go, telling him it was in honor of our anniversary.

And finally, reunited with the one I love, we could celebrate together!

Here's to 27 more years of marriage with my dear husband!


  1. What a cute story! I love seeing the process of getting the cupcake in Eugene and it showing up with Dave in Texas. And may I say that your eyes are smiling a whole lot more in the 2nd picture where you're with your honey. LOVE!!!

  2. Oops…I meant meeting up in Denver with Dave en route from Texas. But in the words of Dan Hash, "you meant what I knew!"