Saturday, March 1, 2014

Morning at the Farm

How can you not love an early morning view like that? That's my Oregon!

We had the joy of spending the night at our friends' farm out in Rickreall last night, and then went out this morning to feed the cows.

Well, actually Jerry fed the cows. I just took pictures!

This gal wasn't so sure about me coming near her space. She knew Jerry's voice, but wasn't too anxious to come out and say hello.

This little one let out a good bellow to express his opinion of the early morning visit from out of town strangers.

Eventually curiosity won and the one who'd been hiding behind the fence earlier just had to come over for a closer look! She's beautiful isn't she? (Or did Jerry tell me it's a he? Don't know my cows very well, I guess!)

I was definitely interrupting breakfast for those who'd already made their way into the barn, and pretty sure this one's saying, "What on earth are you doing with that big black thing up by your face? Silly city girl! Never seen a cow having breakfast?!"

But you see, I'm an Oregon girl at heart and I like cows! It was hard to stop taking pictures of them. You just have to admit, there's a God-made beauty about them, right?!

"Dearest Domes family, thank you for caring for animals, fields and Oregon land...and us! You bless us by your love for family and the Lord, and we loved being with you!"

So sorry I missed getting Naomi and Lydia in this four generation photo of you all!
How good to soak in the true Oregon out at the farm!