Monday, March 17, 2014

World's Best Pizza

After seven weeks of travel in eight states, visiting dear friends and family, meeting with publishers about our books, many doctor appointments, speaking in churches, and sharing about what God's doing in Central and Eastern Europe, we arrived here to spend a few days for the rest of Claire's spring break.

Thanks to the generosity of friends who have a home here, we're in Telluride, CO.

Little did we know it's the home of the world's best pizza. Don't believe me? They've got an award to prove it!

Arriving around dinnertime, and not having groceries yet, we headed into town to look for someplace to eat last night. When we happened onto Brown Dog Pizza, and the crowd of people waiting to get in, it seemed like a place worth waiting for. And that was before we even knew about their fame!

Did you even know there was an International Pizza Expo? We didn't either! But in 2013 they voted Brown Dog pizza as the best, and we can certainly vouch for it..the regular AND gluten free versions are superb!

Did I think to take a picture of the pizza when it arrived? No! It looked and smelled so good, and we were all so hungry, that we gobbled it down before taking a picture.

Guess that means we need to go back!

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