Monday, March 24, 2014

On Those Steps

During church this morning I couldn't resist sending this photo with a text: "Thinking of you this morning - our kids will be married soon on THOSE steps!!!"

That text was sent to my son's future mother-in-law, Amy Chase (who also happens to be my dear friend) who is in Slovakia serving with JV!

Yes, I was listening to Dave preach (it will be posted HERE in the next few days, and is really great!), but I was also overcome with the thought that in just two months, Caleb and Haley will be married on those very steps here in Fort Collins, CO.

While Haley's mom and I will be in the pews where I was seated today, her dad will give her away to Caleb on those steps, with Dave standing there performing the wedding ceremony.

Can you see why it made me think ahead two months?!

What an amazing story it is that our two families are so intertwined with this dear body of believers at Faith Evangelical Free church. Mark and Amy served here for twenty years before coming with JV, and the church has supported Dave and I for thirty years.

And now our children will marry on the steps of this church, May 31st.

I'm already feeling teary, in the very happiest sort of way. It's such a good gift to us all that he brought our two kids together!

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  1. Oh how my heart is rejoicing!!! Two short months!!!:)