Monday, March 3, 2014

Hellos and Goodbyes

The days are speeding by here in the Northwest, full of wonderful connections with precious people every day.

We are trying to soak it all in as we see these dear ones who have impacted us, been in ministry with us, supported us and been part of our lives for many years.

Atkinson family: Malachi days in Germany, Bill and Jeannette K: OCSC days in Spain, Sheri E: Patty family friend from Englewood, CO

Jodi V: college youth group at Laurelwood in Vancouver, Nelson and Jennifer B: Evergreen high school friends,
Frank and Betty H: Karlsuhe, Germany youth ministry days

It is both wonderful, and hard at the same time, to have these short moments with people we love so much. There is just never enough time.

When we're visiting with these dear ones, I try to remember that someday we will all be together and have eternity to spend knowing, enjoying and being with each other, not to mention worshiping the Lord! I keep focusing my heart and thoughts on that aspect, expressing my gratefulness to the Lord for the riches He's given us in friendships with each one.

However, hellos and good-byes never get easier. My heart is hurting right now over that fact.

We've got many more hellos and goodbyes in the coming weeks and months. I'm praying the Lord steadies my heart for them all.


  1. Great to see all of the faces that you've been seeing this past week! Say hello to people from me! And see you soon, Mom! :)

  2. Oh yes! It was so wonderful to see you all! And the Steve surprise too! We live in the same city and never see each other. I wished we had hours to catch up and reminisce. You know how I love my Patty's!