Thursday, March 6, 2014

Laurelwood Family

As we finish up our time here in the Portland/Vancouver area, we are thankful, humbled, and blessed by those we have been able to connect with - what a rich time here.

We're also deeply thankful for the time we had with our Laurelwood family.

This church sent me out on a short term mission's trip to Germany when I was just 22, having no idea that would turn into thirty years on the mission field! I love returning here as the "home-grown" girl.

Dave had the privilege of preaching there on Sunday, speaking from Matthew 7:7-11, a message entitled: "Ask, Seek and Knock". Although I could be considered biased (he is, after all, my favorite teacher!), I still would say it's a powerful message that could be transformative in anyone's life!

If you're interested in listening, you can find it HERE or HERE.

That evening many returned for a prayer meeting on our behalf. This picture brings tears to my eyes as I think about how many voices lifted our family and the ministry of Josiah Venture to the Lord, boldly asking for His work in and through us. So precious.

"Thank you dear Laurelwood Family for all you've invested in me, and in my family all these years...and for how you continue to love and care for us!"

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  1. I love that we both have such roots here even though we weren't there together. Not sure of the time frame but I didn't arrive there until '83/'84 as I did Campus Life my first year at MSB. I think Dave was there his Sr. year, though I remember him being at Wood Village somewhere in there? I remember most Greg and Dan and Michelle. My first year at Laurelwood I came over to do Saturday Night Alive that Bill started.We wanted music, but not praise music, so we would practice all these 70's folk tunes. I soon learned that my heart and passion was discipleship. After Trenckmann's left it was Danny, Greg and Michelle and then a couple youth pastors in there.

    My fr year the Music Box was right behind my dorm room. I have a picture from my window of 3 of the 5 guys all headed in different directions.

    Ah the memories!